Panel magazine is the written record of a generation of artists from everywhere that can live anywhere, their literature and lives, in the language they speak.

Panel is a magazine of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and the arts, being produced in Central and Eastern Europe and originally written in English or translated into English.
Panel magazine is published twice a year and available both in print and online.
Panel's readers are well-educated, open minded individuals who appreciate both human connections and digital technologies, who care about their personal development as well as about their careers, who are not afraid of life, and who can think “outside the box”.
Panel is a publication that deserves to be kept alongside other favorites - set on coffee tables or tucked into bookshelves. It's a publication unique to Central Eastern Europe that is aesthetically and intellectually provocative. We, its editors and founders, strive to foster connections within artistic communities, encourage openness and collaboration between writers, translators, illustrators and designers.


Who we are

Jennifer Walker


Jennifer Walker is a British-Hungarian writer, who has lived and worked in the UK, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Georgia, and India. Her sordid past includes a PhD in physics, but has has since thrown caution to the wind and works as a writer full time. She sells her soul as a copywriter to an ad agency by day, but also freelances by authoring guidebooks and writing articles for Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Oxford Dictionaries, airline magazines, news outlets, and online publications, but she still manages to sneak in a bit of fiction here and there. She also worked as a co-editor for the LA-based literary magazine, Falling Star Magazine.

Duncan Robertson


Duncan Robertson was born and raised in Seattle, WA. He has lived and worked in Portland, OR; Suwon, in South Korea, and Prague. He now resides in Budapest. His novel, Visegrad, is to be published in New Europe Books in 2021.

Masha Kamenetskaya

Masha Kamenetskaya was born in St.Petersburg and for 6 years now has been living in Budapest. She is a journalist, editor and a writer. Her short fiction pieces have been published in various magazines online and in print, and in several anthologies. She writes both in Russian and in English.  Her collection of short stories "On The Set", inspired by Budapest, was released in 2020, in Duck Lake Books (USA).

Maria Gyarmati

Art director Maria Gyarmati is a Hungary based interactive media and visual artist. She builds her projects based on documentaries and contemporary dance mixed with modern technologies. Also she is working on paintings, using different art practices. Her works are presented at several Exhibitions and Museums around the world, such as Contemporary Venice, Venice, Italy, Brural Crossroads, New York, USA, Hungarian Museum of Ethnography, Budapest, Hungary, and others.

Alexa Fermeglia


Alexa Fermeglia is a visual artist and poet, American-born and Budapest-based. In ink, paint, and pixel, she explores the liminal spaces of past and present, myth and reality. After completing an Art Education degree and teaching for six years, she discovered a new home in Central Europe. Her poetry performance group, Poetry For All Budapest, invites emerging and experienced poets to read and develop their work. You can find her illustrations in the publications Tast. Zine, The Inklette, and Volney Road Review, as well as the forthcoming anthology If We’re Talking Budapest.

Eszter Fruzsina Nagy

Photographer, video artist and contributing editor
Eszter is a self-taught artist and photographer from Budapest, whose works have been influenced by music, performance art and poetry. As a part of her English degree, Eszter took a course in journalism, which sparked her interest in writing and learning about the stories of individuals. Eszter has contributed to Panel as an artist since its first issue. Since recently she's been working as a video artist, filming and editing, among other projects, short films for "If We're Talking Budapest" project.