We're looking for fiction, non-fiction and poetry (max 5 poems), written in English or translated into English. Fiction and non-fiction submissions should be up to 6000 words. All submissions should be related to the region of Central and Eastern Europe. 

We also accept visual art (no more than five pieces to be submitted at one time).

Estimated deadline for submissions for issue 7 -- April 5th. 



Submission form

  • Writers and artists may be of any origin but should live and work in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Baltic States, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, and the South Caucasus. We prefer submissions that reflect the environment in which they are written.
  • If you don't live in the region, but have written a piece related to Central and Eastern Europe, feel free to submit it.
  • Panel does not accept simultaneous submissions.
  • From May 2020 we pay 20 euro for the accepted submission.
  • If we want to publish your piece, we will get back to you within 30-60 days.  Art submissions may take up to 3 months as the shortlist is formed not earlier than 1 month before the release. If you don’t hear from us within this period of time, you're welcome to query us for the status of your piece. We'll get back to you as soon as we are able.
  • Panel is published twice a year.
  • We don't charge for reading.
  • Txt, doc, docx and pdf files up to 10MB - for prose, poetry and nonfiction submissions. For visual art submissions - jpg files up to 10MB.
  • You can read all about author rights under our Terms and Conditions.