Our team

Rachel Velsher

Senior editor

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Rachel Velsher now lives in Budapest with her husband and children. She is a writer, editor, and knowledge manager. Though her spare time is limited, she uses it to explore the various cafés of Budapest, and is always willing to discuss the merits of the Oxford comma over a latté.

Maria Gyarmati

Art director

Maria is interactive media and visual artist. She works with dance performance, AI and XR. She constantly explores new mediums and techniques, taking inspiration from the classic art of the past. Maria believes that there is magic to be found in the classics, and it requires a special skill -- to incorporate time-honored techniques into modern artwork.


Masha Kamenetskaya


Masha Kamenetskaya is a publisher, editor and a writer, living in Budapest (Hungary). She runs a literary and arts magazine "Panel", manages cultural and art events. Her short stories have featured such publications as Verses of Silence, Flying Ketchup Press (the anthology 'Tales from the Dream Zone'), 45 Magazine Women's Literary Journal, Budapest Local, and others. The collection of short stories ''On The Set'' was published by Duck Lake Books (USA) in 2020.

Duncan Robertson

Editor at Large

Duncan Robertson is a writer from Seattle, WA. He lives in Budapest with his family. His debut novel, Visegrad: A Novel, is available from New Europe Books. His cotranslations of Hungarian poetry can be found in They’ll Be Good for Seed: Anthology of Hungarian Poetry.

Jennifer Walker

Founding editor

Jennifer Walker is a British-Hungarian writer, who has lived and worked in the UK, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Georgia, and India. Her sordid past includes a PhD in physics, but has has since thrown caution to the wind and works as a writer full time. She sells her soul as a copywriter to an ad agency by day, but also freelances by authoring guidebooks and writing articles for Lonely Planet, National Geographic, Oxford Dictionaries, airline magazines, news outlets, and online publications, but she still manages to sneak in a bit of fiction here and there. She also worked as a co-editor for the LA-based literary magazine, Falling Star Magazine.

Alexa Fermeglia

Artist, illustrator

Alexa Fermeglia is an American visual artist and poet based in Budapest. You can find her work in the publications Tast. Zine, The Inklette, and Volney Road Review.  Poets interested in sharing their work should seek out her poetry group, Budapest Poetry Collective.

Laila Niklaus

Writer, editor

Laila Niklaus is a Budapest-based author, culture journalist, and instructional designer at Celanese. Originally from Berlin, she brings a diverse range of experiences to her current roles. Laila is an active participant in the Danube cities cultural scene and has organized jazz living room concerts in the past. She also freelances for the Goethe-Institut as a press relations specialist and collaborates on various cultural projects. With a love for yoga, her friends, exhibitions, and art house cinemas, Laila enjoys exploring Budapest and finding beauty in any place with a view.

Patrycja Rup

Poet, art curator

Patrycja Rup is a Polish activist, educator, art curator and event producer. Living & working in Budapest since 2015. Co-founder of the Kolektyw 1a association/art house (Poland), producer of inclusive theater workshop and play "Neverland" in collaboration with Zamek Culture Center and New Theater (Poznan, Poland). Former assistant to curator and guest curator at the Platan and Latarka Galleries in Budapest. Independent event producer and curator. In her free time she enjoys writing poetry and doing pottery.