Panel opens the call for art.

Theme – Reverse Perspective of War.

They say, art is needed in all times. Art helps to keep ourselves sane.
War times is no exception.
We want to believe in that, too.
During the war, not only those suffer, who suffer the most.
War is destruction machine for everyone who can feel.
War dehumanizes.
It distorts optics, plays badly with perception, takes away joy, seeds hatred instead.
War is a trap; it is pure insanity.
During war we become speechless. Images work better than words.
We'd like to encourage artists to produce artworks that cover theme of reverse perspective of war. Through the artistic lens we can see things that are sometimes hidden from the surface: emotional isolation, mental health, fear, disconnection on so many levels. This all is reverse perspective of war. Feel free to come up with your own interpretation of theme.
We accept works, produced in different media.
Works should be submitted at with the “Art for Sanity” in a subject line.
Deadline is April 30, 2022.
The selected artworks will be displayed in a virtual gallery and exhibit in one of the venues of Budapest in May.

Work by Maria Gyarmati