NEW BOOK! Narratives of Budapest

You may have heard some whispers underground, murmurs in the alleys, grumbles in the courtyards. Now it’s time to make it official...

There’s a new book on the way, produced by Panel Literature Association!

Narratives of Budapest”

Due to be released in spring 2024.

Liberty Bridge, Budapest, 1926 (Fortepan/Pesti Brúnó)

What’s it about?

Just like with the two editions (2021 and 2022) of the “If We're Talking Budapest” anthology, the main source of inspiration for this new book is the city we live in.

Narratives of Budapest” explores the past, the present and, in some ways, the future of Budapest as seen by its most curious inhabitants: the city experts, artists, writers, local historians, journalists, art curators, researchers, cultural managers, and more.

The city of Budapest has changed a lot through the 20th century and keeps changing. Nowhere is this more obvious than in its cultural scene: places get shut down and new ones open, people move, age or pass away, buildings get demolished, and the vibes of the city are altered... Stories, legends, memories become the only 'places' where the city that used to be continues living.

The long-time inhabitants of the city are those storytellers that need to be listened to, as they, altogether, create the main story of Budapest, the story that's being constantly written and, hopefully, will never end.

That’s why we decided to have conversations with these narrators, and to curate personal essays by both Hungarian and international authors.

There are numerous personalities, places and organizations featured in the book. Among them are András Török, Sály Noémi, Déri Miklós, archive “Art Pool” and Júlia Klaniczay, “Art Department” and Judit Rajk, Kastner Kommunity, Fortepan, Könyvment?k (Book Rescuers), Massolit Books&Café, independent cinemas and theaters, and many more. Our research covers such areas as the independent art and literature scene of Budapest (back in the day and now), the ever-changing image of the city, and the unique, long-living Budapest-based projects. While directly significant to the city of Budapest and the country of Hungary, the cultural implications ripple on through Europe and beyond.

Heroes of the book, our remarkable contemporaries, will guide readers through the city, page by page unfolding their stories, either written as an essay or conducted as an interview.

Readers will decide for themselves what the book is for them: an overview of the Budapest cultural scene, a collection of city legends, a memory kaleidoscope, a guide book, or a time capsule.

More details on “Narratives of Budapest” coming soon.

Meanwhile – stay with us.


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