In this workshop, held by art director of Panel and multimedia artist Maria Gyarmati, participants will go from tactile image creation using classical techniques to project implementation, using the latest multimedia tools. Maria will help the participants to brainstorm their ideas and, later on, to develop their final apps. They will make contemporary art together, and then marry it with modern technology.

Expect: The first day of the workshop will be about classic media. With the help of a mixed media program you will follow the flow and find some images in your paintings, then finalize the objects, so that later they can be turned into a story/motion picture. Emotions, either abstract or concrete, will be transformed the creatures/objects we created - dynamic videos with fantastic scenarios.

The second day will be about new media: cutting out the objects to scan and make masks for the AR app or filter. Scan or photograph the object elements you'd create and add them to the mask of the AR filter.

Laptops are required! 


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