Duncan Robertson, author of Visegrad (New Europe Books) and editor of Panel magazine, leads a crash course on prose writing.

The course will feature a nuts-and-bolts approach to storytelling.

Expect: beginner’s mistakes to avoid; dos and don’ts of dialog; length; genre expectations; good vs. bad characterization; the difference between plot and story; conflict; stakes; the relationship between attention and tension; the advantages and drawbacks of traditional structure (as well as the core components of that structure); and the role of catharsis.

Most of all, the course will cover some basic writing strategies:  what to expect in terms of effort and where the major goalposts are; how to get what you want out of writing; strategies for bridging skill and productivity gaps faced by beginners. Last, but not least, it will cover where to submit and how to write a query letter/cover letter/author’s bio.

The course will include opportunities for group and individual feedback. It’s a perfect opportunity to hone existing work or to embark on a longer project, whether that’s a novel or a collection of short stories or a novel-length work of non-fiction, guided by someone with first-hand knowledge of an often opaque process. 81% of people want to write a book one day. Of those that try, 97% never finish. This course is designed to help you join the 3% that do. 




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