Issue #10 – anniversary issue

Issue #10 of Panel – the anniversary issue –

offers a collection of prose, poetry, non-fiction and visual art from Central and Eastern Europe.

Panel began as loose conjecture around a graffiti-covered table in a Budapest ruin pub that has since been ground to dust. We cobbled together what would become issue 1 from whatever scraps of credibility we could lay our hands on.

So this is a milestone for us, a lap in a race with no clear beginning or finish, but a lap to be proud of.

For this, our tenth issue, we have new fiction from Albania (“The Talking Calf”), and Romania (“The New Client”), as well as nonfiction prose from Ukraine (“The Last City”), Australia (“Summer Camp ‘89 Mixtape”), Germany (“Balcony for Rent”) and Hungary (“25 Rules of
Leading a Noble Life”). We have poetry from the United States, Austria, Latvia, Latgale, Slovenia and Germany. We have beautiful visual artwork. And, in honor of our tenth issue, we’ve touched base with our former contributors to see how their lives have changed.