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Panel magazine, issue 5, April 2020

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For this issue, we have original work and work appearing in translation from writers in Budapest, Prague, Riga, Berlin, Sarajevo and Belgrade. We’re featuring artwork from an even wider swathe of the continent, including pieces from as far away as St. Petersburg. With everything else going on in the world, we are more grateful than ever that you are here reading with us, have chosen to spend some time with the writers and artists we have selected for your perusal.

Fiction and non-fiction by Mitchell Atkinson, Adam Berta, Kristen Herbert, Frances Jackson, Claudia Leporatti, András Loke, Alexa Fermeglia, Tímea Pénzes, Duncan Robertson, Gurmeet Singh, Masha Kamenetskaya, Rvins Varde, Jennifer Walker.
Poetry and translations by Anna Bentley, Dániel Dányi, Aivars Madris, Krisztina Molnár, Adriana Bielková, Lina Mounzer, Naida Mujkic, Brandon Kilbourne, Márió Nemes Z., János Térey, Dénes Krusovszky, Gábor Lanczkor, Jayde Will.
Art works by Alexa Fermeglia, Eszter Fruzsina, Stefan Gonzalevsky, Ben Freeman, Maria Gyarmati, Bori Gyori, Victor Gusev, Lovey Ng, Sofia Serebriakova, Sandor Sipos, Dorottya Somogyi.

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