Issue 7


Panel magazine, issue 7, June 2021.



In its pages you will find short fiction from the Czech Republic ("White Light", "Gloucester 20 20"), Poland ("Hands and Other
Hauntings", "A Mistake") and Austria ("P=(AxD-C)/S"). We're featuring Latgalian poetry, a first for us—as it is practically a first everywhere outside Latgale—alongside pieces from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Germany. We've even managed to publish something from Hungary, which is the country where most of us live and work.
Last but not least, this issue features an interview with noted Slovenian poet Brane Mozetic, who led us on a survey of LGBT culture in Ljubljana.

We are not running short on talent. We are not running short on interest. We are not running short on the will to rifle through submissions, edit pieces, and lay out issues.
Wherever you are, we hope that you are also experiencing a superfluity of will. If not, that’s alright. We’ll settle for drawing breath. We love our circle of supporters and contributors and independent bookstores. Now, more than ever, we owe you our

We're glad you’re still here; we're still here too.