Issue #8 – PDF


Panel magazine, issue 8, February 2022



Welcome to Panel Issue #8, the winter 2021/2022 edition of our magazine.
We go to some lengths to select diverse and interesting voices that we believe are worthy
of a wider audience.
This year marks our second annual Ruritania Prize, which drew submissions from
around the globe as well as around the region. In “Split”, first place winner, Andrew
Singer, invites us on a disjointed trip along the Dalmatian coast. Runner up, Eleanor
Updegraff, leads us on a tour of a dysfunctional relationship and a sunken Slovene
village, in “Marina”. And Paul Harrison, our third place winner, takes us out for a night
of fishing and toxic masculinity, in “The Márna Hours”.
We’re also proud to present poetry from Slovenia (Kaja Rakuš?ek), Lithuania (Rimas
Uzgiris), Czech Republic (Tomáš Miklica), Ukraine (Denysenko Anastasiia), and America
by way of Prague (Gianna Sannipoli) and Budapest (Katherine Ruth Hofer).