24th Book Fair (y) in Istria, 2018 Pula – Croatian Defenders’ Home

November 29 – December 9 2018

The theme of the 24th Book Fair (y) is liberty, which connects each programme at the festival. Talking Behind the Curtain is a programme that promotes the latest non-fiction and generates debate on mainstream, everyday life. Another traditional and the most popular programme of the festival is Breakfast with the Author, which brings together the author, their literary work and general readership in a free-form environment. Author Reads Author is an innovative promotional format in which recent publications of well-known authors are promoted by one-on-one interactions between two authors that take turns presenting each other's work.

An essay on the festival's theme can be found here http://www.sanjamknjige.hr/en/2018/teme/freedom/ as well as the festival programme and contact information.

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