A glance into the “Narratives of Budapest”

The design of 'Narratives of Budapest', our upcoming book, is shaping up nicely. Even though we're up to our ears in work, we're ready to showcase the progress of the upcoming book and share some details.



Why We Started the Book:

The concept of 'Narratives of Budapest' originates from a simple idea — to explore Budapest's independent art scene through an article. What began as a single article, now a part of our upcoming book, has evolved into a collection of diverse narratives: essays, interviews, and articles. Each piece revolves around the ever-changing city, exploring its free, truly creative spirit across different eras. Together, these writings contribute to the never-ending story of Budapest, continuously being written.

What Makes the Book Unique:

Honestly, we believe that such a creative collection about Budapest has never been written or published in English before. We are the first ones who dared.


Our ensemble is unique. We managed to bring together various voices, both Hungarian and international. Featured personalities, places, and organizations in 'Budapest: The Imagined City' include András Török, Sály Noémi, Déri Miklós, the art archive "Art Pool' and Júlia Klaniczay, "Art Department" and Judit Rajk, Kastner Kommunity, Massolit Books & Café, independent cinemas and theaters, and many more. While putting together the book, we've met dozens of Budapest people, built new beautiful friendships, and learned so much.

The Team:

We couldn't be prouder of our team! Not only do we have our regular team members from the Panel Literature Association and Panel magazine on board, but we've also welcomed new editors and authors to contribute to this production.

Release Date:

THE END OF MAY - THE BEGINNING OF JUNE. The pre-order option will be available soon.
Design - Maria Gyarmati

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