Image in the Mirror | Photo Exhibition of Eszter Fruzsina Nagy

Solo exhibition of Eszter Fruzsina Nagy
at Szerpentin Szalon Régiségbolt és Kávézó
(Hegedu utca 1, Budapest, Hungary, 1061)
OPENING: 29th of August, 7pm (on view until 12th of September)

In this experimental project, artist and photographer, contributing editor of Panel Eszter Fruzsina Nagy is challenged to depict something she has never personally experienced. The photographer and her subject collaborate here to explore one woman’s conflicted relationship with her belly: as a pre-menopausal, childless, single woman in this day and age; is defiance or acceptance the answer? Focusing on this one physical aspect of her subject’s self-image, the artist facilitates a dialogue between her subject and her subject’s experiences and feelings related to concepts such as the ideal body, collectively constructed perceptions of self, social mirroring, and the resilience and fragility of the individual.
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