One for many

May is blooming, new projects are emerging. We plan new book projects, workshops, issue 11, and something else that we have never done before. To make our plans happen, we need creativity and teamwork, and we also need support.

Panel magazine is published by Panel Irodalmi Egyesület/ Panel Literature Association, a non-profit organization that allows us to publish Panel and to come up with various other projects.
Panel Irodalmi Egyesület is eligible to receive 1% of income taxes that are paid in Hungary.
If you donate 1% of your taxes to Panel Irodalmi Egyesület, you can be 100% sure that it will support only good, humanistic purposes in the field of literature and arts.
Everything we do, serves creativity, independence and building up a community of like-minded people of the region and even beyond. We cherish our independence. Private donations, as well as 1% of taxes (that will be paid anyway), help us remain this way.
We believe in "one". To what it's worth, one can start a dialogue.
By following the link you can download the form and donate.
Thank you so much!
Yours truly,
Panel team

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