Poetry Open Call!

“One Day in Józsefváros” festival in collaboration with

Budapest Poetry Collective and Közösségi Részvételi Iroda - Józsefváros


Why poetry about the 8th district?! Well, we here at the Budapest Poetry Collective are taking part in the Neighbor’s Day Festival (Szomszédnünnep) of Józsefváros. Plus, the 8th district is close to our hearts—4 years ago, the BPC was born on Rákoczi út, at the Közkincs Könyvtár. Józsefváros is many things, has its own unique reputation, and—love it or hate it—something notable probably happened to you there that could inspire a poem.


- Poems must reference or incorporate Józsefváros in some way: a street name, a specific cafe or corner, an institution, etc., but otherwise the style and topic is open

- Max. 3 poems per person

- English or Hungarian language

- Typed

Send to alexa.fermeglia(at)gmail.com

Deadline: June 15th, 2024

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