Issue #6

Panel magazine, issue 6, December 2020



Panel has always been, and will always be, something we do because we think it should be done. We founded it because, as English language writers and artists living in Central and Eastern Europe, it was the kind of magazine we wanted to read and to be published in. Similarly, this issue contains the stories that won the 2020 Ruritania Prize, a new prize—hosted by the magazine—which we conceived of as the sort of thing we would like to enter and, ideally, win.

The issue # 6 of Panel includes fiction from the winners of the Ruritania prize, that live or have lived in the region, along with the short stories and poetry, from Armenia, Germany, the US, Hungary,

Artworks, selected for the issue, are, for the most part, “multidimensional”: 3D model-based images, photographs that use depth of field as an artistic tool, collages that, by combining their elements, tell a story.

The issue # 6 features texts by Karol Lagodzki, Adrian Markle, Shel Merlow, Anna A. Agaronyan, Adam Janos, Paul Jaskunas, Eszter Farkas, Gábor Lanczkor, Anna Bentley, Simone Regina Adams, Stefanie Orchel, Zack Rogow.

Interview with Saulius Saltenis.

Artworks by Anton Matveev, Miguel Gallardo Cortes. Alexa Fermeglia, Eszter Fruzsina, Maria Gyarmati, Viktor Gusev (aka Vitya Lyuty), Sara Lightning, Olga Lo, Helge H. Dr. Paulsen, Elizabeth Stephenson, Vyacheslav Smirnov, Lili Singely.

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