Readings: Mitchell Atkinson, Defending

"In the last few weeks, symbols have multiplied, creative juxtapositions of yellow and blue, depictions of Zelenskyy with his resolute gaze. Warsaw has papered its public space with war associations. Only the dogs and crows think it’s business as usual. Yet, even though the war is just across the border, and the madman theory of statecraft is so vividly on display, we don’t live in fear. People take walks and order vegan ramen. We complain about inflation and dabble in real estate. My neighbor, in the flat above, is teaching herself to sing, howling arpeggios with verve. For the briefest moment, we thought the war might swallow our lives. It’s clear now that Warsaw will absorb it as yet another of its struggles—maintaining its momentum as it shuffles on and on. Where it gets the fortitude to do so only history can tell."

The brilliantly written short story "Defending" by our regular contributor Mitchell Atkinson (Warsaw) opens the issue 9 of Panel.
Mitchell couldn't be at our launch in Budapest, but he read his story for you anyway.
Spare a minute and enjoy the author reading his story. This is not something that happens often.
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