If We’re Talking Budapest: the last film of the project!

We're happy and proud to present a new and the last film for the "If We're Talking Budapest" multimedia project.
Besides short films, the project includes: a printed, illustrated anthology of short fiction "If We're Talking Budapest" and an interactive map of Budapest.
This film is based on the story that gave the title to the whole project. The impressionistic and poetic story about the city, its little secrets, its dynamics and pace, its inhabitants.
The story is written by a famous Hungarian writer and poet Pénzes Timea and translated by an excellent translator Anna Bentley. Panel is so lucky to have them among our contributors.
Video and editing is made by an incredibly talented couple -- Maria Gyarmati and Laszlo Gyarmati.
We're infinitely grateful to all the team of the project -- writers, translators, artists. It's a honor to work with you.
More about the authors of this film - in the description of the video on our YouTube channel.
We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

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