Make Your Tax Season Creative!

This year, Panel Literature Association is going through various exciting changes:

- We’re expanding our team,

- We are editing and designing a sure-to-be-amazing book of essays and interviews about the Budapest’s independent culture scene and never-ending story (estimated release date in May),

- We’re working on new art projects and exhibits,


- We’re moving to a book publishing model that will allow us to work with more authors in the region.

Very few things in life remain consistent, and (alas!) tax season is one of those things.

We are registered in Hungary as an independent non-profit association, under the name Panel Irodalmi Egyesület. This, among other things, means that everyone who pays taxes in Hungary can donate 1% of their taxes to us.

It doesn’t take too much effort from you, but it will support us enormously. Everything we do is about creativity, independence and building up a community of like-minded people. We value our self-sufficiency. Private donations, as well as 1% of taxes (which must be paid anyway), help us remain autonomous.

We promise that your donation will work only for creative, humanistic purposes. It will allow us to produce books, magazines, art shows and workshops.

All our events are open to the general public and will stay this way.

By following the link you can get all the legal details:

Thank you so much!


Panel team

Photos - from the different events through the years.

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