On The Same Page

Almost a year ago we had an event at Kastner Budapest – we launched the issue of Panel in the middle of February.

Photos from the launch of the issue 8. February 18, 2022

It was such a memorable evening with a great turn out, readings, dance performance, and lots of photos afterwards. We made new friends at the evening, and Kastner team became our partners and friends, too.

Just like we at Panel, Kastner team cherish when like-minded people hang out together, when they look into new technologies and stay open to life even at times when life seems not so great.

Now, we are back to Kastner with the new project - Layers of Sense: multimedia exhibition that, among other things, is aimed to support the artists who were affected by these months of the war.

We are grateful to Kastner for our ongoing collaboration and for being on the same page again.
In dark periods like now it's more important than ever – to be around people and to feel good being around them.
If you know the feeling, join us for the art show opening night on December 9, at 7 pm.
Illustration - "Home" by KESHA. 

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