The opening night of the “Layers of Sense” multimedia art exhibition

Dec 9, 2022, Kastner Kommunity (Budapest)

Video and editing - Maria Gyarmati


"Layers of Sense" is a multimedia exhibition, produced by Panel Literature Association and Panel magazine with a support of the Goethe-Institut (Germany).

The dark times like ours demand a lot from the artists – finding new visual language, new meaning, new creative tools to express and reflect on the entire spectrum of emotions that they are going through. The war times, among other things, force artists to deal with the reality that has broken into pieces and has formed new “multiple realities”.

The multimedia project “Layers of Sense” has become our way to give support to artists who suffered from the Russian war in Ukraine, and to provide an audience with a glimpse of artists' emotions, personal experiences, reflections of the moment. The art project features visual art works, produced in different media, and tools of augmented reality (AR). The combination of traditional art forms and modern technologies work the best to reflect the cracked world, the fractious reality.

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