The opening of the “Layers of Sense: multimedia exhibition”

December 9, 2022

Kastner Kommunity (Budapest)

As an independent creative entity, Panel Literature Association have been involved in helping artists and writers, as well as people of other professions, from the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine. We produced an anti-war issue of the Panel magazine (June 2022), we put together the exhibition “The Reverse Perspective of War: Art for Sanity” where international artists were featured.  (“Art for sanity” even became a sort of a motto for our group.)

The multimedia project “Layers of Sense” was conceived as a support to artists and giving them a platform, and as an attempt to provide an audience with a glimpse of artists' emotions, personal experiences, reflections of the moment.

Artists that we are honored to introduce in the “Layers of Sense” have shown enormous strength and dedication to work.  For some of them the work became a matter of principle, a matter of survival – and not only physical.

It seemed only natural to us that an artistic effort should be supported. Thanks to the Goethe-Institut (Germany) -- the project “Layers of Sense” got funding.

Visual art works, produced in different media, work together with the modern technologies – augmented reality, or AR. The combination of  traditional art forms and modern technologies work the best to reflect the cracked world, the fractious reality. 

Photo credit - Aron Weber. 


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