Winners of the 2020 Ruritania prize announced!

It is our pleasure to announce the shortlist, winners and finalists of the 2020 Ruritania Prize. The first place winner will receive 350 euros and publication in Panel's upcoming fall issue. Second and third place will receive 50 and 20 euros respectively and close consideration for publication. Entrants on the shortlist will be listed in place of honor, alongside winners and runners up, on the Panel website and on a page in the back of Panel's print edition. Before we go any further, we want to thank our judges Mitchell Atkinson (Warsaw), Daniel Lamken (Prague) and Duncan Robertson (Budapest). They worked in concert to make sure every submission received the attention it was due, met on the weekend over Zoom for final consideration, and even helped to hammer out the finer points of the deliberative process. Thank you, judges.

Without further ado, here is our list of winners:

1) "Just You Wait," Karol Lagodzki
2) "Swimming Lessons in the Adriatic," Adrian Markle
3) "The Spot on the Corner of the Bathtub," Shel Merlow


"Feeding the Wolf," Izzy Varju
"The Writer," Karl Hiltner
"PAxD-CS," Matthew Groeger
"Where the Danube and the Sava Meet," Cosima Armstrong

Thank you, everyone, for your participation in this year's prize. If your name was not listed, know that the competition was fierce; please feel free to submit to next year's prize, or to one of Panel's regular issues.

Best wishes,

The Panel team.

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