Insanity can take different forms. It can even show itself as that nasty feeling that comes from your own insufficiency. It can feel like one is not doing enough, not distressed enough, not grieving enough, or not hating enough. If one is upset because of work problems, or happy because they received some small good news, they feel like they should keep it to themselves; because it's something irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Seems like nothing is "relevant" when compared to the horror of war.

We at Panel are reviewing work for our art call on the REVERSE PERSPECTIVE OF WAR theme.

We talk to people and what we often hear, is that people think they don't have the right to share their reflections if they are minor or related to their private lives.

If you ask us – nothing is too small when it comes to the life of an individual.

REVERSE PERSPECTIVE OF WAR, as a theme and as an experience, applies to everyone with a heartbeat. We also believe that art can help us stay sane.

Through the artistic lens we can see things that are sometimes hidden from the surface: emotional isolation, mental health, fear, disconnection on many levels. This all is also reverse perspective of war.

We'll be honored to give both Ukrainian and international artists a platform.

Please submit at with the “Art for Sanity” in a subject line until April 30, 2022. Works, produced in different media, are eligible for submission.

The exhibition of the selected artworks will be in Budapest in June.

Art work by Taras Tolstikov

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