One Makes A Difference

Hey everyone,

This is Masha Kamenetskaya, the publisher of Panel magazine and the general manager of Panel Irodalmi Egyesület (Panel Literature Association). I've been thinking if I should write this post at all. These days bring so much horror and grief that it seems that any requests, related to art and cultural projects, should be muted and put aside. That was my concern. Then I talked to people, to my colleagues and friends, and they unanimously told me that art can support, and that Panel should keep going, in the first place - as a community. Their reasons convinced me. That's why I am asking for one minute of your attention.

As you probably know, soon there will be the time for tax payments in Hungary.

Panel's readers from Hungary, this is a post, mostly, for you guys. Panel magazine is being published by a non-profit Panel Irodalmi Egyesület - Panel Literature Association. Panel is a printed illustrated magazine, where we publish the best of literature and arts from Central and Eastern Europe. Besides Panel, we do a lot of other stuff. Our small, talented and a very hard-working team organize literary readings, exhibitions, workshops; we've successfully published a collection of stories from Budapest and are looking into publishing more titles.

We are radically independent and we equally value creativity and professionalism. Our core team didn't change through the years, yet new members joined the association, and the team of the magazine.

We've been working on representing the regional art as much, as we've been building up the community of like-minded people. I can honestly say we succeeded. There are numerous stories when people have met through our events, got to know each other and started their own collaborations. We are proud of them.

We could have done more, but the last few years canceled many of our plans.

But we keep going regardless the circumstances.

Since we've been on stage for more than 3 years already, Panel Irodalmi Egyesület is eligible to receive 1% of someone's income tax, if, of course, this someone wishes to donate to us. This percent will be paid anyway, but if you donate it to us, it will support good and purely artistic purposes. Your support will help us to produce new issues of the magazine, to produce exhibitions, to host new events, to pay to our contributors and the staff members, to gather people together.

One can make a difference. One can tell new stories, and produce new paintings. One person can meet another like-minded person. One makes a lot - writers and artists from Hungary and beyond can get representation and publication. One is the whole world.

This is the link where you can find the information about our organization and download the form if you wish to donate.

I thank you in advance and I encourage you to read Panel's editions. Because art can be a support, even in tragic times. Sorry if I can't find the right words.

With gratitude,


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