Issue #4


Panel magazine, issue 4, November 2019



Summer reaches through September and into October like a cat stretching in a spot of morning sun on the windowsill. When the spot is gone, it contracts, body  tightening before it dives onto the floor. Of course, instead of leaping gracefully to the ground and padding away, we'll be leaping out of the abstract world of this simile and into winter.

Fiction and non-fiction by Mitchell Atkinson, Masha Kamenetskaya, Claudia Leporatti, Ildiko Noémi Nagy, Kerry Tyrrell, Jennifer Walker.
Poetry and translations by Christie Goodwin, György Gömöri, Petri György, András Imreh, Frances Jackson, Chili Shi, Anna T. Szabó, Bence Szenderák, Clive Wilmer, Christopher Whyte.

Art works by Lidija Ferencak, Maggie McDonald, Vyacheslav Smirnov, Ariella Pinter, Claudia Sanjuán, Manon Thielin, Steve Dalachinsky, Darcy, Orsolya Andras, Olga Lo, Sandor Sipos, Victor Gusev, Julia Nakazi, Misha Erofeev, Evgeniy Shchetinkin, Catarina Loupa Ferreira, Maria Gyarmati, Eszter Fruzsina, Elyas.


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