What is augmented reality?

Why we even use it for the art show Layers of Sense: multimedia exhibition?

For various reasons.

We at Panel, first of all, love experiments and cherish artistic search. Adding innovative, digital element to the “traditional” art show is definitely an experiment for us, and a field to explore. People, art lovers, artists would only benefit from innovative technologies, especially when they reach widespread adoption. They have a lot to offer.

When we were thinking about the “Layers of Sense”, we figured that augmented reality, or AR, would be an excellent tool for exploring “multiple realities,” as well as our fractious world. Unlike virtual reality (VR), augmented reality allows to experience real-world environments with added visual content.

Any image, be it a small icon or a large abstract composition, when combined with the utility of augmented reality, offers us a chance to explore ideas in their greater context. AR has the capacity to elicit specific layers of sense, bringing them to the surface.

The works that will feature in the exhibition definitely speak for themselves. The AR elements, however, add a multitude of context around the artistic intentions.

AR, among all other things, makes a great deal in bringing art closer to viewers, and in creating a hub of like-minded people who hang out together over one pretty engaging occasion.

Come to the exhibition and check out yourself.

December 9. Layers of Sense: multimedia exhibition

The illustration for the post – creating AR elements for the art work “Occupation” by Vika Ovechkina.

Digital artist – Maria Gyarmati.

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