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Tutors of the The Literary and Art Weekend with Panel – brilliant young professionals in their field.

Meet Maria Gyarmati – art director of Panel and multimedia artist. Maria restlessly works on artistic projects, she loves experiments and new media, and she always has a bunch of new ideas in mind.

Q: What do you personally consider your main professional achievement?

A: Winning the New York Cinematography Awards for Best Experimental Film was not a bad accomplishment and it was also a recognition of my artistic skills. Having my projects showcased at different festivals and galleries in different cool cities brought me a lot of joy as well. Continuing to develop my art career and not giving up is another challenge that helps me not to hate myself too much.

Q: Is there anything in your career that you would have done differently if you could?

A: I try to keep a balance between family life, full-time job and artistic projects. I decided a long time ago that my family life is crucially important. I had doubts back in the day: for a while I was even sure that if I were completely alone, it would have helped me to devote more time to art and to developing my artistic vision. But no, this is not so. For me, the key is the constant improvement of time management skills and emotional intelligence. I love how I grow and develop as a person, not just as an artist.

Q: What, in your opinion, is the main (professional or other) challenge for an artist?

A: I work with modern media. Technology is developing at a frantic pace. But you don't always have to chase form, you need to understand that these are just new ways to express what matters to you. Mastering a new environment and, at the same time, maintaining honesty towards yourself. Not the pursuit of fashion, but the balanced use of tools of art. Plus, a constant study of programs, interfaces, code, trends and platforms. This all is a challenge

Q: Why, do you think, writers and artists benefit from being in each other's company (like they will be during our workshop)?

A: When the cloud of ideas and visions collide in our workshop sky, it can lead to a rather refreshing thunderstorm and its raindrops can spawn new projects.

Q: If you could live the best day of your life, what this day would be like?

A: It will most likely be somewhere in the mountains, where I would have just presented some very cool project, and I am full of wonderful inspiring impressions. My family will also be busy with something joyful and uplifting. There will be cool people around me, and together we will plan what steps can be implemented in this world so the shit like war will never happen again. And our plan will work.

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